Published on July 17, 2006 By AvantiTexan In Marriage
Headaches. I've got enough of them already yet they keep multiplying. Today, however, I think I finally put two and two together. I may have figured out how to tell I am getting a bad headache.

This morning I woke up, not in a bad mood, but just lethargic and a little irritable. I couldn't place my finger on it, but I knew that I just wasn't feeling too well. I also remembered that only a few days ago I felt the same way. I just chalked it up to exhaustion, lack of sleep and stress.

Well, when we got back home around noon, I wasn't feeling too well at all. We took showers, ate and then proceeded to watch some "24". About 3 it hit me. All I could do was make it to the bed before passing out. It was bad. I couldn't even get myself coherent enough to get some medicine. Exactly what happened a few days earlier, I am hoping that that feeling is my body warning me of the events to come. Maybe in the future I can prevent such headaches if I catch the signs early enough.

Another thing that happened today, which could have definitely added to my headache, is that I found out that I was one of the main reasons why my wife was passed over for her "dream" job. I feel so bad, so guilty.

Her dream job was taken away from her because of me.

on Jul 17, 2006
Sorry about your wife's job.  But that is not your fault.  That is the pin heads that decided to use you as their excuse.