Published on July 9, 2006 By AvantiTexan In Football

We're in Florence right now, about to go pick up some pizzas and go to some friends to see the big game. If Italy wins, this town is going to explode!

on Jul 09, 2006

Best of luck to you AND IG!

May the best (blue) team win.

on Jul 09, 2006
It was AMAZING! We watched the game from a villa on a mountain just south of Florence. After the game we were able to see all the fireworks, here the explosions and car horns going off. As we drove back to Scandicci, there were tons of cars and vespas running up and down the streets carrying Italian flags etc... The town was rocking (and still is, it's 1am).

The game was great! Viva Italia!
on Jul 09, 2006
That's exciting, Jeremy. What a neat experience. We actually have had some Italian flags flying at some of the houses in our neighborhood for a few days now.

PS - Mom and Dad are asleep at 1 pm. Sheesh. Old people.
on Jul 09, 2006
So the town exploded? Yeah, winning the World Cup is a BIG DEAL. My wife's brother and his family are at Aviano, and they're not getting any sleep tonight for all the ruckus. Congrats to all Italy for a great tournament! Viva Italia ditto!
on Jul 09, 2006

I will say this, with no detriment to Italy as they won.  But penalty kicks means that after 120 minutes, it is a tie.  And I can understand them not wanting to go another 120 minutes.  But it also means the final 4 were so close as (the history books will never show it), there is not a lot of difference.

I congratulate Italy (Italia).  But I salute the other 3 for their excellant performance as well.  Italy had the best foot this year.  And no one can deny that.

It was a great Cup series.